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Hockey is a fundamental part of life in Canada.  When it comes to wagering on hockey, the vast majority of Canadians have resorted to playing through sports betting games offered by their provincial lottery retailer.  The names of these services vary by province, but I can tell you one thing that applies to all of them - the odds offered are the lowest available on the market today.  If you like to bet on hockey and need NHL betting odds, you could be winning from 40% to 80% more with a reputable online sportsbook with the exact same picks.  And forget about getting Stanley Cup winner odds at Proline.

While this might sound promising, you are confronted with a problem.  There are hundreds of sportsbook companies willing to take your bet.  Only about a dozen or so are what I would call reputable companies.  Of that group of twelve to 15 companies, only a handful of those cater to the Canadian market with regard to currency considerations, banking options and the actual hockey betting options available.  You see, most of these companies are focused on the European and Asian markets and our preferences and requirements are far different.

I let you know which sites offer CAD hockey betting, so you save on exchange fees.  I also outline why the sites I list are extremely reputable and make your life easier with simple Canadian banking options.  You’ll notice that I don’t try to fool you with phoney star-ratings.  My list of sites are in alphabetical order.  I just give you the unbiased information so that you can pick the service(s) that are right for you based on your own preferences.

Single-event hockey betting is finally fully legal in Canada: Ontario to open its market

In June 2021, bill C-218 was passed into law by the Canadian Parliament.  With this, operators in Canada can finally look to offer hockey betting in a traditional format so that any bettor could place a wager on the outcome of a single NHL game with a local operator.  Online sports betting offerings have already been adjusted to allow for this at various lottery corporation sites.

However, the province of Ontario is not resting on its laurels. Not satisfied to only offer Proline both online and at retailers, Ontario through its AGCO is opening its entire market to licensed online sports betting providers so that it may repatriate most of the players that have been playing at offshore ‘grey market’ online bookmakers.

With an iGaming Ontario market launch slated for early 2022, we can likely expect over thirty fully licensed & legal Ontario betting sites. This would represent one of the most competitive regulated sports betting markets in the world.  Once the results come in from the first few months and quarters, we can expect other Canadian provinces to either look to join the Ontario regulated market, or create their own similar systems so that they may see similar benefits in terms of tax revenue and increase player safety.

About My Hockey Betting Listings:

Why is my list so short?  I only list those sites that I consider to be the best for Canadians. Would it really make sense for me to research twenty betting companies and then rank them one through 20?  Would you sign up with sportsbook number 16?  Of course not!

That’s why I try to keep things simple.  If a company doesn’t measure up against my Canadian perspective, they don’t get listed.

Why might a site fail to get listed?  Limited hockey betting offerings, poor payout record like withholding bettor funds or placing limits on the accounts of winning players, not offering CAD wagering or not offering mobile betting.

Each listed site has satisfied my review criteria, but they are each different in their service offerings. So read the reviews and choose from the best betting sites based on your own preferences and requirements, not a bogus rating scheme.  If you like to shop for the best odds, it might make sense to sign up with more than one so that you can maximise your winnings.  

Why is hockey betting better with an online sportsbook?

They allow you to wager on individual games, whereas the lottery games only offer parlays.

Are you tired winning the first 4 games on your lottery ticket only to lose out on the last result?  When you bet single games, this will never happen again.  Hockey betting sites allow single game betting as well as parlays with better odds than the lottery games.  The betting options are extensive with our best hockey betting sites.  Bet on moneylines (just pick a winner), against the spread, over/under or totals, period lines hockey prop betting or even futures betting markets.

They offer far more options in terms of the hockey leagues and competitions on which to wager.

If you want to bet on international games, the World Juniors, on Team Canada, the KHL or any of the European professional leagues, only a sportsbook is going to provide you with these options.

Leading edge online and mobile gaming technology makes them far more convenient.

Do you hate having rushing over to the lottery retailer to get your ticket before your games start?  Isn’t your life busy enough?  Each of the hockey betting sites listed allow you to bet when you want, where ever you are with intuitive betting platforms for your PC or mobile device.  They are super easy to use.  You can place a bet in seconds with the click of your mouse or a touch on your mobile device.  Funding your account is also super easy.  Use Interac email transfer, your credit card or by any one of several easy to use online payment methods similar to Paypal.

They allow you to bet live in play while the game is ongoing.

Have you ever been too late to get your sports lottery game ticket?  That will never happen with our listed sites because they allow you to bet in play, while the players are on the ice.  This means that you’ll never miss a bet deadline, plus it can further enhance your enjoyment of the game because you can double up, or win back what you might lose as the game is being played.

Clearly there are some really good reasons to switch to an online sportsbook for your hockey betting.

You’re already banking and shopping securely online to save time and money and you can achieve the same efficiencies by betting online over the old methods.  To help you understand the subject more, we have pages dedicated to understanding how sportsbook bonuses work, why CAD betting is important, is betting is legal in Canada, I ask you questions to help you figure out how to choose a sportsbook as well as a look at hockey prop betting.  If you like the idea of hockey betting in French, I show you which sites have a french language website in addition to English.

Top Hockey Betting Sites Canada

Are you always on the go?  Make sure you can bet hockey on your mobile.

Each sportsbook service that I list allows you to view current odds, live hockey scores and place bets before the game, or live in play - at the tap of your smartphone or tablet device.  Choose to access your account through your mobile internet browser or download the available apps.  Click below to find out more.

Short Summary of the Top Hockey Betting Sites for Canadians


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Bodog is one of the oldest brand names in online betting, in business since 1994. Bodog is specially targeted to the Canadian market, so you know they cater to Canadians preferences and requirements. For example, they are the only betting site that accepts the popular-in-Canada Interac Email Transfer as a deposit method.  Read the full review here.

Do you want to compare hockey betting odds for the NHL games of your choice for the top Canadian Sportrsbooks?  I’ve made it easy with a page where you can see the moneyline, puck line & totals so you can ensure you always win the most money.

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